Searching for Greener Grasses, 2020

Photographic print

300mm x 400mm

Megan Klosterman

MFA Fine Art Media
Graduating 2021

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The work Photos taken at the cliffs of Dover, UK and the Appalachian Mountains, Cherokee County, North Carolina, USA.

Digital scan from 35mm Colour film.

The charity15% to NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund

The artist The work explores memory, sentimentality, and intimacy through the romanticism of personal histories, nationalism, and patriotic rhetoric. There is a delicate line between the autobiographical and fictitious. The work reveres intimacy and sentimentality but diverges between loving and haunting and anger and affection. The work is a collection of memories (some true and some fabricated), songs, sentences, photographs, forgotten antiquated artifacts. Triggers from inanimate objects point to intimate memories of home, place, and family and past trauma.

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