Bloodbath V.2 Screenshot #1501, 2020

Giclée Print

500mm x 400mm

Jo McGarry

MFA Fine Art Media

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The work Bloodbath V.2 was created in 2019 as a remix of the original ‘Bloodbath' game. The linear structure of the original was scrapped, along with the interactivity. What is left is a continuous pit full of all the assets of the original. The prints for sale here are generated by this program, and each is a one off.

The charity 10% to Anti-Slavery International

The artist I am a London based artist currently studying MFA Media at the Slade School of Art. I work in a variety of media, from oil on canvas paintings, to projects made with Unity Game Engine.I am interested in how we see the world around us, our idea of reality - how through different media we see varying filtered versions of the world.The focus of my work is on the relationships between new and old media, in order to explore the the multiple viewpoints and parallel realities these things expose - to look beyond McLuhan’s rear view mirror and through the looking glass.

IG @jomcg

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